Design John Wall's All-Star Reebok Kicks

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Dream of seeing your signature shoes on the feet of a top pro athlete? If so, check out this sweet contest sponsored by Reebok. It offers you the chance to design a pair of Reebok ZigSlash shoes; and if your design is judged the winner,  your creation will land on the feet of Washington Wizards rookie sensation John Wall during the Rookie Game on NBA All-Star Weekend 2011. You will also be flown out to Los Angeles to see your kicks in action.

To enter the contest, log onto YourReebok, put forth your freshest design and save it to YourReebok closet.

Wall will pick the winner from among the top 10 finalists. In addition to creativity and color, he will look for a design that best represents energy—so think about what kind of look would give you the most ups on the court.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock