Learn the Recruiting Rules for NCAA Division III Athletics

NCAA Division III Softball

The NCAA includes over 444 schools, and more than 170,000 student-athletes fall under the Division III umbrella. As a high school athlete, you need to become proactive in your recruiting. By learning the Division III recruiting rules, you will give yourself more opportunities.

NCAA recruiting rules differ by division.  Division I and Division II schools are able to offer athletic scholarships. Division III schools can only award academic scholarships and need-based financial aid.

Division III coaches are permitted to contact athletes earlier than Division I and Division II coaches. After your junior year, a Division III coach is allowed to have an unlimited amount of contact with you and your parents away from his or her college campus. D-III coaches are also permitted to send printed materials and make calls any time before your junior year. However, you are only allowed one official visit beginning your senior year. You may take as many unofficial visits as you want.

Remember that unofficial visits are on you expense-wise. Coaches may not provide you with any form of monetary benefit. They can't even buy you lunch or a snack in the cafeteria. For more information on what constitutes an unofficial or official visit, check out these STACK articles:

The more you know as a high school athlete about the recruiting rules for Division I, II and III, the more efficient and productive your recruiting process will be. For more information on NCAA recruiting rules for all divisions, visit www.ncaa.org.


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