Fuel Up Before a Workout With RSP Nutrition Fast Fuel

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As an athlete, you consistently train at a high level of intensity to maximize your performance. To power your workouts, you need to fuel your body with the right nutrients so it can perform explosively and resist fatigue. Fast Fuel by RSP Nutrition is a pre-workout shake formulated to do just that.

Fast Fuel contains three performance matrices, each made with safe and contaminant-free ingredients designed to increase energy, strength, speed, endurance and recovery. The Energy and Intensity Matrix blasts your body with B vitamins, a dose of caffeine and other nutrients that activate your muscles, provide immediate energy, increase your mental focus and prime your energy systems to use fat as a fuel source. During your workout, the Explosive Speed and Power Matrix fuels your muscles with amino acids and creatine to promote strength and size gains. Finally, the Max Velocity Optimizer promotes muscle recovery to help you train at your max effort and perform every rep of every set.

We had an opportunity to try Fast Fuel. Per the instructions, we consumed a shake about 30 minutes before working out. It mixed very easily with six ounces of water, and both the Fruit Punch and Orange flavors tasted great. It also sat well in our stomach—a definite plus since an upset or heavy stomach can prevent you from performing at your peak.

Throughout the workout, we experienced a sharper mental focus and an elevated energy level. During a challenging set, we knocked out the last few reps with relative ease, since fatigue was delayed. This led to higher quality workout, which in turn will contribute to an increase in strength and size.

If you're an athlete looking for a tasty and easy-to-mix pre-workout shake designed to meet your performance needs, Fast Fuel is definitely an option for you. Fast Fuel is available for $59.95 at RSPNUTRITION.com.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock