How D'Angelo Russell Got Addicted to Hard Work

The Brooklyn Nets' new franchise player was often seen working out after midnight this summer.

D'Angelo Russell still has an entire NBA career ahead of him.

It may feel like Russell's been in the league for a while now, but it's only been two seasons. He's still just 21 years old, and his recent trade from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Brooklyn Nets may be just the change of scenery needed for Russell to thrive.

The fact that Russell seems more motivated than ever is certainly a positive sign for his development. In July, a video emerged of him working out with NBA trainer Chris Brickley at 2 a.m.:

The grind don't sleep. When STACK recently spoke with Russell, he hit on how he's become addicted to hard work—a trademark of any great athlete.

"I think hard work is addicting. You've got a lot of athletes out here trying to push themselves, and you've got a lot of athletes trying to get to where you want to be. Knowing that you're working hard and that you're going to get a result from it, it's addicting," Russell told STACK. "(There's) always something you can really work on in basketball. Shooting, dribbling, stuff like that is something you can work on every day."

Russell has the keys to the kingdom in Brooklyn. If he wants to prove he can be a star in the NBA, now's his chance to do it.