Jay-Z's "Empire" Comes to Facebook

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Jay-Z Empire
Last week, Jay-Z released the beta version of his new Facebook game. The rapper, producer, author and businessman has battled his way to the top of the charts from humble beginnings, and now fans can do the same with Empire for Facebook.

The game feels like Mafia Wars meets The Sims. You play as Jay-Z, or as a hungry young rapper who acts an awful lot like Shawn Carter. After you choose a killer rapper name, you pay your dues as a small-timer and hustle your way up the ladder. Along the way, you meet other artists and hone your skills through rap battles. As you win the battles and achieve your goals, you level up with points, money, fame, cred and karma. Do you have what it takes?

The game takes you along Jay-Z's path to fame, from the Marcy Projects to Brooklyn to Manhattan to Miami's South Beach. Jay-Z ensures that players can eventually lead a life of luxury, but only if they make the right choices and remember their friends and family. Want to find out how Shawn Carter was able to transform himself into a legend? Empire is a really cool, interactive place to start.

The beta version of Empire is available now. Already played it? Let other STACKletes know what you think through Twitter or Facebook. You may never marry Beyoncé, but you can vicariously live the life of a music legend through Empire.

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