LeBron Says His Son Bronny is Better Basketball Player Than He Was at That Age

At the ripe young age of 12, LeBron James Jr. is an accomplished baller.

LeBron James Jr. has high expectations to live up to—not only because he's the son of Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James or that they share the same name, but because the 12-year-old is already an accomplished baller.

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"Bronny" is dominating youth basketball for the 2023 North Coast Bluechips. This past weekend, he played at the 2017 John Lucas All-Star Weekend in Houston, Texas and dominated. Wearing a pair of LeBron Soldier 10s, Bronny looked like a mini LeBron out on the floor.

Bronny can do it all. He has the court vision of his dad and makes unreal passes. He shoots the ball with ease, and he has the ball handling and finishing skills of Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving. In one of the games in Houston, he even had a chase-down block. As Yogi Berra famously said, "It was déjà vu all over again."

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In a press conference with cleveland.com, LeBron said that his son has better handles and is a better shooter than he was at that age. The 3-time NBA champion also says that Bronny's passing ability is the best part of his game.

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Despite all the hype and expectations, LeBron Jr. is off to a good start. Not many 12-year-olds already have offers from Duke and Kentucky.

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