24 Healthy Snack Options For Your Marathon Training (With Bonus Recipe)

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Berry Bowl

A great snack can give you the energy to grind through that extra mile or replenish your body after a long run. (See Why Healthy Snacks Help Athletes Maintain Weight and Perform Better.)

Eating before a run is a good way to maintain glycogen stores, the body's main source of energy. Allow time for digestion by consuming a light snack at least an hour beforehand. Try different foods to see what works best for you. Since individuals digest foods differently, experiment with a variety of foods before shorter runs before trying them prior to a long run.

After a run, your body is begging for carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen stores and protein to help your muscles recover. The body is not very understanding of your schedule. It doesn't care if you need to get somewhere else at a certain time. After a run, your body gives you a window of opportunity of thirty minutes to eat something filled with protein and carbs. Skip this post-run snack and your body will punish you the next day with sore muscles and flagging energy—especially if you're new to marathon training.

Give your body what it craves with these snack options, suitable for a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet. All are great for both pre- or post-run.

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