'Masters of the Universe' Reboot Hits a Snag

The reboot of 'Masters of the Universe' has hit a snag, as the film's director has left the project. Who will take over to lead He-Man back to the big screen?

Masters of the Universe

The long-awaited Masters of the Universe reboot has hit another snag. Director Jon M. Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) is no longer manning the project, and no replacement has been announced.

Chu's departure doesn't necessarily dim the chances of the movie being released. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Pictures enlisted Pirates of the Caribbean and Lone Ranger co-writer Terry Rossio to work on the script. It's not clear if he'll completely re-work the adaptation or simply tweak versions of the script previously completed by Richard Wenk, Michael Finch and Alex Litvak.

All signs suggest that Paramount is aiming for a more family-friendly take on the franchise. Chu sought to give the movie a serious tone. "We're going for slightly more serious. And I wouldn't say 'serious' as a dark tone, you don't necessarily want He-Man to be [dark], but it's not campy," the director told Topless Robot earlier this year. "It's sort of an origin story of how He-Man came to be, and to me that gives you a lot of opportunity to create real culture in this world."

Masters of the Universe, which was initially called Greyskull, will reportedly take place on the planet Eternia. Fair-haired warrior Prince Adam (a.k.a. He-Man) and his cronies (Battle Cat, Man-at-Arms and Orko) work together to defend their home from Skeletor, who like any worthy bad guy is bent on planetary domination.


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