Michael Phelps and Apolo Ohno Talk Training and Fueling With Subway

In case you haven't heard, Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno is gearing up for the ING New York City Marathon, having accepted Subway spokesman Jared Fogle's challenge earlier this year.

Recently, fellow Subway "famous fan" Michael Phelps teamed up with Ohno for a laid-back run/swim training session. Phelps wanted to lend his support as Ohno gears up for the challenge, since the physical demands of long distance running are completely different from the quick spurts of energy required for speed skating.

"The common misconception is 'Hey Apolo, you're fit, you're an Olympic athlete. This should be no problem for you,'" said Ohno. "But I have to remind them that I am used to training for ... short bursts, sprint intervals, very sport-specific, and now I'm changing my body to be a little bit lighter." Training now for endurance, Ohno has taught his body how to adjust.

Currently knocking out 40 to 50 miles per week, Ohno plans to complete three (mentally) crucial 20-mile runs before the big race. After finishing the first one, he noted, "That was brutal. The longest I had run before that was 16 miles, and difference between 16 miles and 20 miles for me was night and day."

Both Phelps and Ohno rely on Subway as part of their fueling regimen. Phelps, whose biggest problem is keeping weight on, certainly doesn't hold back when it comes to eating three hearty meals a day. Ohno explicitly describes the carbohydrate, fat and protein combo he requires while training, which is easy to get in a Subway sub.

Watch the video above to learn more about the two Olympians' training and fuel habits as Ohno looks forward to the 2011 ING Marathon, and Phelps to the 2012 London Olympics.


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