Under Armour Unveils Micro G Charge BB Basketball Sneaker

Micro G Charge BB

Fall is a great time to catch some new gear if you know where to look, since many brands are just now releasing new sneakers and colorways to get ready for the upcoming season. Under Armour has just released some new basketball sneakers that will be hard for anyone to miss.

Check out these images of the Micro G Charge BB. You can definitely see similarities with the new Cam Newton cleat, but that shoe is obviously meant for a different sport. These sneakers look like they go way beyond high-tops into moon boot territory. They're available now at footlocker.com and will run you $130. Check out the Empire Blue and Silver colorway below:

Micro G Charge BB Black Capri

The Micro G Charge BB looks like a combination of a low- and a high-top sneaker. There appears to be a gap between the fabric near the lower ankle and the part of the shoe going up the leg. They'll definitely get you noticed.

So what do you think? Would you rock these on a basketball court? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

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Photo and source: Under Armour


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