New Compression Gear Promises to Relieve Pain Through Copper

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Copper Compression Gear

Looking for relief from all the aches and pains you've collected this season? For some athletes, compression clothing has made a difference. If you're interested in the benefits of compression clothes for your achy joints and muscles, check out the newest player in the field, Tommie Copper. The full line of Tommie Copper compression sleeves, shirts, shorts and joint braces will debut on "The Montel Williams Show" on Oct. 24.

Like other compression clothing, Tommie Copper gear is designed to relieve discomfort and improve performance by supporting the body's muscles. However, unlike much of today's compression equipment, which is too heavy and tight to be practical for all-day wear, Tommie Copper compression gear is lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn under loose-fitting clothes throughout the day.

However, what really sets Tommie Copper apart from the crowd is its use of copper-infused yarn. For centuries, people have claimed that copper can help relieve inflammation and repair injured tissue. Although researchers haven't found conclusive evidence to support this claim, Tommie Copper says the copper in its clothing can be absorbed by the skin and actually speed the healing process.

Tune into Montel Williams Oct. 24 to hear Tom Kallish, the creator of Tommie Copper compression gear, talk about how he developed the gear to help himself deal with his own athletic injury. Find out if compression gear is right for you by checking out this new lineup, or revisit a classic like adidas's  TechFit compression tee or shorts.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock