Numerous Hand Injuries Have Made Chris Paul More Cautious About Reaching for Steals

Chris Paul's penchant for swiping the ball has done a number on his hands over the years.

Chris Paul

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul has some of the quickest hands in the NBA. The 31-year-old currently leads all active players with 1,892 steals, but his success as a thief hasn't always been a good thing for the 8-time All-Defensive player.

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Since CP3 is always reaching in to get steals, his hands have taken a beating throughout his career. He's had broken fingers, sprained fingers and even torn finger ligaments. He now plays with 16 pins and a metal plate in his right hand.

Here is a list of Paul's hand and finger injuries we know about:

  • 2010: Torn ligament in right middle finger
  • 2012: Torn RCL
  • 2015: Fractured left index finger
  • 2016: Sprained left thumb
  • 2016: Broken right hand
  • 2017: Torn UCL

There are probably more sprains and jams that haven't been reported, but all of these injuries have started to mentally affect Paul. In a recent article in The New York Times, Paul says that he is now second guessing when going in for a steal.

"I see plays all the time where I know I can reach for the ball and I know I can steal it," he said. "But it's like risk versus reward: Do I go for it?"

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The 9-time All-Star is averaging 1.9 steals per game this season, good, but not as good as the six seasons when he led the NBA at picking pockets with averages of  2.7, 2.8, 2.4 (twice) and 2.5 (twice). Paul is currently 15th all-time for steals. If he wants to keep climbing the list, he might have to keep risking hand injuries.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock