Path to the Pros 2013

Montee Ball - Path to the Pros

RB Montee Ball trains at IMG Academy

For athletes who want to make it to the NFL, the months before the Draft are the most important time in their careers. Where they are selected can means millions of dollars: become a first rounder and you can buy mom a house; plummet down the draft board and you'll be lucky to earn the league minimum.

Although most players are banged up physically and exhausted emotionally after their last college football season, they flock to specialized training centers to focus on running faster, jumping higher and getting stronger.

Meet five players looking to make their mark in the pros. For one, scouts and coaches are already predicting greatness, but most have something to prove.

Meet the Athletes

Luke Joeckel
Margus Hunt
Cordarrelle Patterson
Montee Ball
Desmond Trufant


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