Paul Rabil's Tips for Better Shooting Accuracy

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Here, 2009 Major League Lacrosse MVP Paul Rabil hooks you up with a drill that will have you shooting, with accuracy, on the run. Because according to Rabil, "On the run, the defense is usually flushing you out to the sides, so you have a little bit of a small window to hit. It's really important we get our angles right with our overhand shot, whether you're going high or low."

Setup: Place 10 balls 20 yards in front of the cage

• Jog to one ball; pick it up
• Jog toward left side of cage and quickly split to right
• Run down alley to hash marks and shoot overhand with right hand aiming for top left corner
• Jog back to start; pick up another ball
• Perform drill in opposite direction, shooting with left hand and aiming for top right corner

Sets/Reps: 2x10, alternating shots with each hand
Coaching Points: Maintain proper angles, whether shooting high or low // Always rotate body when shooting and finish with back to cage

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock