Improve Your Rebounding Skills With Drills From Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin Goes for the ReboundWhen you think of Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin, you probably envision his mind-blowing slam dunks. But the 2010-11 NBA Rookie of the Year also averaged 12.1 rebounds per game, exhibiting superb defensive skills, which arguably have even more value than his dunking ability.

In the following videos from Nike Basketball, Griffin takes viewers through a dynamic warm-up, performed prior to a workout, and four key rebounding drills. Watch how the 6'10" superstar executes the drills, and consider how they can help you develop your own rebounding skills—critical for preventing opponents from getting second and third shots at the rim. For optimum results, perform these drills on a daily basis.

Dynamic Warm-Up

Rim Touches

Tip Drill

Box-Out Drill

Go Get It Drill



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