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Putting is often the difference between having a good round and leaving the course in frustration. No matter how far you drive the ball or how accurately you hit your irons, all the work to get to the green goes to waste if you miss critical putts.

Odyssey, one of the premier manufacturers of putters, tries to create designs that make sinking putts as easy as possible. Their newest club, the Backstryke D.A.R.T., features cutting-edge technologies that can take your putting performance to the next level.

With its radical weighted mallet design, the Backstryke D.A.R.T. looks like something from a sci-fi movie. But the design is more about function than form, providing a clear view of the ball and perfect balance on the axis of the club for better accuracy and more consistent strokes.

When you first hold the putter, the head seems rather heavy, but in the putting position it feels well balanced and natural. The weight gives a sense of stability and control compared to older-style blades, which can easily drift offline.

The Backstryke D.A.R.T. consistently flows through the putting zone, promoting a fluid stroke. Powered by Odyssey's White Ice Insert and Advanced Roll Technology, the club offers significant putt feedback and propels the ball with a smooth roll. Its clear line of sight to the putter face and long white alignment line help with accurate aiming.

Overall, the Backstryke D.A.R.T. gives you more accuracy and control on the green, helping to shave critical strokes off your score. However, new club technology cannot replace training and skill development. Try this putting drill from the University of Kentucky to identify your weaknesses.

Putting Drill [see diagram]

  • Starting at three-foot mark, try 10 putts
  • Move to six-foot mark, try 10 putts
  • Move to eight-foot mark, try 10 putts
  • Move to 12-foot mark, try 10 putts
  • Repeat from beginning

Variation: Rotate the distances to practice putting the breaks at different lengths.

The Payoff: Since putts can be uphill, downhill, right to left or left to right, this drill makes you work on a variety of shots. Keep track of how many putts you make from each spot to identify the kinds of putts you should work on most.

Coaching Points: Picture the hole as a clock. The part closest to you is six o'clock and the back is 12 o'clock. Focus on putting the ball at a time point on the clock. This will help you trace the line of the putt from your ball to the hole, or vice versa. Go through the same routine you use on the course before hitting each putt during the drill.

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