Subway Enlists Orel Hershiser and Shawn Green to Promote Healthy Eating

On June 15, former MLB stars Orel Hershiser and Shawn Green helped launch the Subway Baseball Designs Tour, which kicked off with an exhibition game between Beverly Hills, coached by Hershiser, and Encino, coached by Green, in Southern California.

The Tour is currently making stops in other cities across the U.S., including Los Angeles and Phoenix, on its way to Williamsport, Penn., site of the 2011 Little League World Series, August 18 to 28. "Subway is going to auction off the baseballs designed by kids and signed by celebrities such as Zac Efron, Katy Perry, Michael Phelps, Jason Kidd, Hershiser and myself," says Green.

Orel Hershiser giving advice to the Encino Little Leaguers

Proceeds from the auctioned balls will support the Little League Urban Initiative, which provides equipment and quality ball fields for young baseball players around the country.

The other goal of the Baseball Designs Tour is to promote healthy eating. "Subway is really involved in healthy alternatives to fast food," says Green. "It's really one of their driving focuses to be the healthy option for a fast-paced life style."

As many of you know, eating healthy Subway sandwiches can help people shed pounds. But Subway sandwiches are also tuned for high performance athletes. "Where do you go when you're an hour from your house at your event...and don't have time to sit down at a restaurant?" asks Hershiser. "You can go to Subway and get a nice, healthy sandwich that will give you the energy and nutrients to perform well."

Although Hershiser and Green are retired from baseball, their busy schedules still call for quick and healthy meals, and they often turn to their Subway favorites—the Spicy Italian sandwich for Hershiser and the Turkey Footlong for Green. Both deliver nutrition and energy to people on the go.

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Photo: Casey Rodgers / AP Images for SUBWAY


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