'The Armstrong Lie' Offers Inside Look at Cycling Scandal

'The Armstrong Lie' documents the past four years of Lance Armstrong's life and career, providing an inside look at one of sports' biggest scandals.

'The Armstrong Lie'

The Armstrong Lie chronicles the last four years of the life of iconic cyclist Lance Armstrong. The documentary, which was originally to be titled The Road Back, started as the story of Armstrong's comeback but morphed into an investigation of his doping scandal. In 2009, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney planned to cover Armstrong's post-retirement return to cycling and his attempt to win an eighth Tour de France title. But instead of an inspirational tale, Gibney's film turned into an exposé, delving into the web of deceit and corruption at the root of the scandal.

The documentary gives an inside view of a sports legend's fall from grace. Gibney had unprecedented access to Armstrong, and the filmmaker's unique perspective allowed him to present the story from an insider's perspective. The film features interviews with Armstrong's former teammates and doctors, many of whom had not yet talked publicly about the scandal.

Gibney, who wrote and directed the documentary, also produced the project with Frank Marshall (The Bourne Legacy) and Matthew Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man).

The Armstrong Lie, which premiered in September at the Venice Film Festival, hits theaters in limited release Nov. 8, 2013.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock