Find Your Zone With This Trick From X Games Silver Medalist Torin Yater-Wallace

Torin Yater-Wallace

Even for athletes who dream about showing off their talents in front of roaring crowds, big competitions can be intimidating. Sometimes, even the most dedicated approach to mental training can't subdue the symptoms of pre-game jitters. If you have a tendency to psych yourself out before big games, try the following trick, which STACK picked up from Winter X Games XV silver medalist Torin Yater-Wallace.

Hailed as one of his generation's up-and-coming skiers, Yater-Wallace admitted to STACK, "Sometimes, the crowd scares me a little bit, so I put on my headphones so I can't hear them and get in my own zone. In between every event, I get a new music playlist going in preparation. It's gotten to where I remember each event by what I listen to." (See Listening to Music Helps Reduce Pre-Game Jitters.)

So what was Wallace jamming out to during his X Games performance? He says, "During the Winter X Games, I was listening to The Carter album by Lil Wayne. At the European X Games it was Katy Perry. Kind of embarrassed to admit that one."

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