Watch the Extended Trailer for 'Under the Dome'

Steven King's "Under the Dome" is coming to CBS this summer. Watch the extended trailer for the mini-series at

An extended trailer for the upcoming TV adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome has finally found its way online. The clip introduces fans to the city of Chester's Mill moments before it gets encased in an impenetrable dome.

At the beginning of the trailer, the town seems idyllic. Summer is coming to an end. Firemen are headed off to a neighboring town's parade. Suddenly, the earth shakes and a thunderous noise alerts people that their lives are about to change forever. No one gets in and no one gets out. Everyone wants answers and more than a few have secrets.

"I promise as soon as I have answers, so will all of you," says the town's sheriff Duke Perkins (portrayed by Jeff Fahey) to a skeptical crowd in local tavern. But it seems not everyone is distressed about being cut off from the rest of the world. Big Jim Rennie, played by Breaking Bad's Dean Norris, sees an opportunity in the seclusion. "Should we tell them the truth?" asks Jim after he gets the lawman alone. "We're all in this together."

Some in the town are convinced that even if the outside world finds a way in, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will get out. Barbie Barbara (portrayed by Mike Vogel), an army vet in town for unknown reasons, tells Julia, an investigative reporter (played by Rachelle Lefevre), "I think that even if what's wrong suddenly becomes right, the army is just going to quarantine this place."

King will serve as an executive producer of the mini-series, which will debut June 24 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock