The Multiple Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

This month marks my one-year anniversary of a standing desk. You can read the details about how and why I transitioned HERE. The past 12 months of...

By: Justin Miner

These Three 20-Minute Workouts Will Get You Fit Fast

Everyone is busy, I get it. Some days you have so much going on you may only have time for a short workout, if this is you I've got you covered! Here...

By: John Papp

Creating and Crushing Smart Fitness Goals

To me, being a Strength Coach and working in the fitness industry is a very gratifying career. We are (hopefully) the best part of our clients days....

By: PJ Strebel

Improve Your Fitness Knowledge With 5 Educational Fitness Podcasts

Living a healthy lifestyle goes far deeper than just hitting the gym and eating well. If you're an athlete, coach, trainer or someone who prioritizes...

By: Justin Ochoa

Why You Should Ditch the Kneeling Push-Up and Add This Variation Instead

When it comes to developing and improving functional upper body and core strength, kneeling push ups are not a safe and effective way to train the push...

By: John Rusin

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