Pitching Drills and Workouts Videos

Get baseball pitching drills and pitcher-specific workouts from pro players and coaches. The pitching drills in these videos and articles will help you throw harder and more accurately. Learn more about how to condition yourself as a baseball pitcher and discover new ways to train and useful pieces of advice that can help turn you into a top-flight starter in no time.

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Miami Pitcher Tom Koehler's Journey to the Big Leagues

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler discusses his early childhood influences and motivation that helped him develop as an athlete and become a professional baseball player.

Tom Koehler's Conditioning Circuit for Pitchers

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler performs a bike interval conditioning workout that helps him maintain his pitching power and technique in the late innings of a game.

Tom Koehler's Routine for Explosive Power and Core Strength

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler performs a five-exercise series during an off-season workout to develop the explosive power and core stability he needs for hard and accurate pitches.

Tom Koehler's Glute and Core Strength Superset

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler performs Shoulder-Elevated Hip Lifts and Plank Iso Holds during an off-season workout to build glute and core strength.

How Miami Pitcher Tom Koehler Improves His Posture

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler moves through a series of exercises that reset his posture and reinforce proper breathing patterns.

Tom Koehler's Pitcher Single-Leg Strength and Core Superset

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler performs a superset with Skater Squats and Push-Up Saws, which increases his strength and balance when planting on his front leg during a pitch.

Tom Koehler's Intense Dynamic Warm-Up for Pitchers

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler prepares for an off-season workout with a dynamic warm-up designed for pitchers.

Miami Pitcher Tom Koehler's Deadlift Superset

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler performs Trap Bar Deadlifts to develop a stronger and more powerful lower body, which increases his pitching velocity. He finishes the superset with a breathing drill that improves his mobility.

Tom Koehler's Off-Season Leg Workout for Pitching Power

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler goes through a leg workout designed to improve pitching power, accuracy and durability. Koehler discusses how his training has evolved under the guidance of Brendan Hayden, owner at Coastal Performance.