Build Awesome Arms With This 15-Minute Workout

If awesome arms are your goal, consider using trisets for both your biceps and triceps.

Trisets involve performing three exercises in succession without resting. You can use trisets for opposing muscle groups or for the same area. If you have a goal of making your arms as awesome as possible, consider using trisets for both your biceps and triceps.

This arm workout takes around 15 minutes if done properly. Give it a try the next time you train, and you should be satisfied with the pump you get, as well as the improvement you'll see in a couple of months. Each triset involves a bar, dumbbells and one machine. This is because you can keep everything close together and don't have to worry about moving from one station to another. If you're wondering about forearms, hold every object you use with the tightest grip possible, and your forearms will definitely be stimulated.

Triset 1: Biceps

EZ Bar Curl/Hammer Dumbbell Curl/Lying Cable Curl

Sets/Reps: 3 trisets of 10 reps each with 60 seconds of rest between trisets.

The EZ Bar Curl will be easier on your wrists than a straight bar, and you can use more weight using both arms than you would using each arm individually with dumbbells, so this is a great exercise to start with targeting the biceps brachii.

Hammer Dumbbell Curls will shift the focus on hitting the brachialis and forearms; and now that you've already used heavy weight, you can focus on stabilizers and controlling the weight with each arm.

The Lying Cable Curl is a safe movement to finish with, because it is fixed, and you can focus on squeezing the muscle and lowering the weight under control. Also, you will be unlikely to cheat since your back is on the floor, and it will be tough to create momentum. Your biceps will feel this not only during training but long after it's over.

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Triset 2: Triceps

Overhead EZ Bar Extension/Dumbbell Kickback/Reverse-Grip Pressdown

Sets/Reps: 3 trisets of 10 reps each with 60 seconds of rest between trisets.

Since three muscle heads make up the triceps, we need an exercise to target each head so we can maximize the entire back of the upper arm.

The Overhead EZ Bar Extension will deliver the same benefit for the long head of the triceps as the EZ Bar Curl did for the biceps. Performing the Kickbacks simultaneously with both arms will focus on the short head of each arm while saving time.

Reverse-Grip Pushdowns are more challenging than using the traditional overhand grip, and they provide an excellent way to focus on the medial head. The result of this triset will be completely fatigued triceps.

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