5 Killer Pallof Press Variations for an Even Stronger Core

Use these variations of the popular Pallof Press to strengthen your core.

When coaches talk about great core movements, they often mention Plank, Deadbug and Carry variations, but forget to give a shout out to the greatness of Pallof Press variations.

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Introduced by physical therapist John Pallof, the Pallof Press is an excellent way to train anti-rotation. It can also be a very effective exercise for anti-lateral flexion, shoulder stability and single-leg lateral movements.

This is all very important. When it comes to the core, coaches tend to think strictly in terms of the sagittal plane with anti-flexion/extension exercises, neglecting the rotational and lateral components. Enhancing the ability to resist rotational forces is a requirement for success in many sports, especially when athletes are on their feet. (Get our Guide to Core Assessments - FREE)

Progressing through Pallof Press variations allows you to challenge your athletes in the frontal and transverse planes in a specific manner that will maximize transfer. Mixing up stances and lower- and upper-body movements allows you to prepare them for the various stimuli they will experience during games. This is a much better choice than having athletes lying on their backs doing core work.

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Let the 5 variations below get your creative juices flowing, and see where they and others can fit into your athletes' development.

Pallof Press to Overhead

Split Stance Pallof Press

Tsunami Pallof Press

Pallof Press Walks

Pallof Press Up-Downs


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