6 Wild Push-Up Variations You Probably Shouldn't Try

Do you have what it takes to pull off these wildly challenging (and totally unnecessary) Push-Ups?

You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!

Athletes love Push-Ups, and plenty of variations of this popular exercise are available to you: Clap Push-Ups, Weighted Push-Ups, Resisted Push-Ups, Med Ball Push-Ups, Fingertip Push-Ups—the list goes on. But if you want to amaze your buddies and feel like an uber-badass, here are six (honestly unnecessary) Push-Up variations that STACK thinks are impressive to look at but not really recommended.

1. Thigh Slap Push-Up

For this Push-Up you need enough explosion to go from low push-up position into the air long enough to bring your thighs in to your chest, touch your thighs with both hands and land back in push-up position. Your form should look like the video below.

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2. Muay Thai Push-Ups

For this Push-Up, you need to generate enough explosiveness from pushing the ground to reach behind your back and clap. A key is to spread your legs so you have more balance. The closer your legs are together, the harder it becomes. It helps if your shoulders and back are flexible.

3. Superman Push-Ups

Once again, you need to explode from the low push-up position and launch your whole body into the air. Extend your arms. When you are fully extended, you should look like Superman in flight. After you extend, you should be able to land back in push-up position.

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4. Triple Clap Push-Up

This insane Push-Up combines the classic Clap Push-Up with the Muay Thai Push-Up. Explode from push-up position. On your way up, clap once in front of your chest. As you reach the peak of your explosion, clap behind your back (Muay Thai Push-Up). On your way down, clap one more time in front before landing in push-up position. You need to move very quickly if you want to accomplish this Push-Up.

5. 360 Push-Up

For this Push-Up, you must explode off the ground from a push-up position. As soon as you get into air, use your core and arms to spin 360 degrees and land back in push-up position. It helps if you cross your leg under your other leg in the direction you're spinning to get momentum to spin. Insane.

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6. Aztec Push-Up

Again, you need great explosive strength to get off the ground. Bend at the waist, bring your feet forward and touch your toes like you are doing a jackknife off the diving board. Keep your legs straight the whole time and finish back in push-up position. Beyond Insane.

If you really want a challenge, you can mix and match these Push-Up variations or make your own combination Push-Up as seen in the video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock