HBO Sports Mockumentary '7 Days in Hell' in the Works

Two tennis rivals square off in the HBO mockumentary film, '7 Days in Hell.'

A sports mockumentary from HBO, 7 Days in Hell, is currently in the works. The film will poke fun at the world of pro tennis, a sport that has produced a number of talented athletes and eccentric characters over the years.

The show stars Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Andy Samberg and Game of Thrones' Kit Harington. The two actors play bitter rivals on the court, competeing against each other in an epic seven-day Wimbledon match. Samberg's character, Aaron Williams, is a stereotypical tennis superstar "bad boy," like John McEnroe. Harington portrays his nemesis, Charles Lloyd Poole, a certified truck driver and tennis prodigy likened to Andy Murray.

The star-studded supporting cast includes many familiar faces, among them Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen; Lena Dunham (Girls); Will Forte (30 Rock); veteran TV personality Howie Mandel; Mary Steenburgen; and, from the new ABC sitcom Selfie, Karen Gillan. CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien will appear as herself. More cast members are expected to be added.

TV's Miller Murray, best known for writing and producing the comedy hits Girls and King of the Hill, is writing the script, which is based on the original concept by Miller and Samberg. The duo will also serve as executive producers, alongside Enlightenment's David Bernad and co-executive producer Jonathan Buss (Hot in Cleveland). Directing 7 Days in Hell is Jake Szymanski, who has made a name for himself directing a long list of wacky shorts, as well as comedy series like Saturday Night Live and Funny or Die Presents.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock