The 7 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen to a Hockey Player

Unfortunately, you're likely to fall victim to some of these embarrassing hockey situations during your career.

People and ice don't go well together. Doing anything on ice is a recipe for disaster, yet we decided it would be a great idea to play a collision sport on this unforgiving surface.

Hockey is an incredibly fast and dynamic game. But it's not without ridiculous moments, which are sure to embarrass even the best players. Here are seven things you never want to happen to you during a hockey game—although you'll likely fall victim to several of them at some point in your hockey career.

1. Wearing Your Skate Guards on the Ice

You walk out of the locker room toward the ice, excited about the game. As you take your first step onto the ice, you suddenly drop like a sack of potatoes in front of your teammates, your opponents and the onlooking fans. Sure enough, you forgot to take your skate guards off, making it impossible to stand up on the ice. Not a good way to start.

Wearing Your Skate Guards on the Ice

2. Getting Knocked Into Your Opponent's Bench

Being on the receiving end of a hard body check is never fun. But if it puts you into your opponent's bench, it's a nightmare. Not only does it draw attention to the fact that you just got destroyed, you have to deal with getting out of the bench and back onto the ice. Rest assured, your opponents will have nothing but kind and polite things to say to you during your visit to their territory.

Getting Knocked Into Your Opponent's Bench

3. Tripping Over the Blue Line

Hockey players fall. It's inevitable. Just try not to fall for no apparent reason when crossing the red or blue lines. Your teammates will immediately make comments along the lines of, "Watch out for the blue line," or "Don't trip over the red line." Heck, even Alex Ovechkin has fallen victim.

Tripping Over the Blue Line

4. Losing an Edge

The sharp blades on your skates allow you to sprint, stop and turn sharply on a non-friction surface. But things can quickly go awry if you lose an edge. As you're probably familiar, you expect your skates to cut into the ice, but instead your blades don't grab the ice and your feet slide out from under you. Hopefully, it doesn't happen during an important moment in your game.

Losing an Edge

5. Getting Knocked Through the Glass

This is a rare occurrence. But it does happen, and when it does, it's sure to make ESPN's "Not Top 10." Usually the players are OK physically, but the victim is surely emotionally damaged, knowing he or she was body checked through the glass. Pity the poor spectators.

Getting Knocked Through the Glass

6. Getting Clotheslined by Your Own Stick

Sometimes your stick can be quite an inconvenience, as the guy below can attest. If you've ever been clotheslined by your own stick, hopefully it wasn't nearly this bad. That dude got crushed. And to make matters worse, it looks like he was being kicked out of a game.

Getting Clotheslined by Your Own Stick

7. Getting a Stick Stuck in Your Skates

It's possible for a stick to get caught in your skate. And when this happens, it quickly turns into a mess. You fall because someone trips you. Then the owner of the stick naturally wants his or her stick back and begins tugging at it forcefully, which creates an uncomfortable situation. Patience is a virtue in this situation.

Getting a Stick Stuck in Your Skates

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock