A Crash Left the Tour de France Leader Without a Bike, So He Decided to Run Instead

After Tour de France leader Chris Froome's bike was destroyed in a crash, he decided to run the final leg of the 12th stage on his own two legs.

Chris Froome

At the Tour de France on Thursday, Chris Froome was having a lovely day climbing the infamous Mount Ventoux hill during the 12th stage. But, as tends to happen at the premiere cycling race of the year, things spiraled into chaos very, very quickly.

Wearing the yellow jersey of the overall race leader, Froome was in the middle of a pack of riders when the man in front of him smashed into a motorbike that had come to an abrupt stop, causing a domino effect behind him, sending Froome crashing to the ground and destroying his bike in the process. But instead of simply sitting in despair, Froome chose a different route. Without a bike, he ran up the hill on his own two legs until he was eventually given a replacement bike to finish the stage. It was totally insane.

We have no idea whether what Froome did was legal, although running seems like such a disadvantage that we can't imagine why it would be banned. It sounds like the crash, and the race's finish, will be reviewed, as Froome's mishap allowed the overall lead to slip from his grasp. Still, after spending hours biking, running up an enormous hill to finish a leg of the Tour de France sounds excruciating, so props to Froome for refusing to give up.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock