A Slimmed-Down Pablo Sandoval Looks Like a Beast In These Off-Season Training Videos

Pablo Sandoval is looking lean and mean during his off-season training.

Pablo Sandoval's career in Boston hasn't gone the way many envisioned.

In 2015, he hit .245 with 10 home runs and 47 RBIs—all new career-lows. Then in 2016, Sandoval played in just three games before undergoing season-ending surgery on his left shoulder. He also managed to do this before getting injured:

Sandoval has struggled with his weight before, and the belt-breaking incident turned him into a bit of a laughingstock. It also spawned articles with headlines like "How Pablo Sandoval Has Been a Total Disaster for the Boston Red Sox/." After two seasons with the Red Sox, the consensus seemed to be that Sandoval was overweight, overpaid and under-performing.

But it seems a fire has been lit under the Kung-Fu Panda. Over the last several weeks, he's been posting a series of intense training videos. Sandoval looks like he's already lost a ton of weight and added some lean muscle to his 5-foot-11 frame:

For comparison, here's how Sandoval looked in early 2016:

Pablo Sandoval

Sandoval has been training at Bommarito Performance Systems in Miami, which has a strong track record with MLB players such as Miguel Cabrera, Nelson Cruz and Manny Ramirez.

Can Sandoval help fill the void left by David Ortiz's retirement? If he keeps working this hard, we wouldn't bet against him.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock