adidas Launches the Lightest Shoe in Basketball

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Yesterday, April 14, adidas made history by introducing the lightest shoe ever to step on the hardwood—the adiZero Crazy Light. At 9.8 ounces, the revolutionary adiZero Crazy Light sets a new standard for basketball footwear—it's more than 15 percent lighter than its nearest competitor, helping players be faster and perform better on the court.

The adiZero Crazy Light basketball shoe gives adidas the distinction of offering the lightest footwear in three sports—basketball, football [adiZero 5-Star cleat] and soccer [F50 adiZero cleat].

"Lighter footwear makes you faster, and speed dominates on the basketball court," says Derrick Rose, PG for the top-seeded Chicago Bulls, two-time NBA All-Star and probable MVP. "The adiZero Crazy Light is the lightest basketball shoe I've ever worn, and it will no doubt make me faster on the court for our playoff run." Rose, along with several other adidas athletes, will debut the shoe during this weekend's NBA Playoffs; and the shoe will officially hit the retail market on June 3, in four colorways, for $130.

STACK was on hand at the official unveiling in NYC, and we had a chance to test the shoe on the court. Right out of the box, the shoe felt extremely comfortable and light on the foot. After a few times up and down the court, it felt like we had worn it for months, because it took so little time to break in. Overall, the Crazy Light gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

Stay tuned for our STACK TV video with the adiZero Crazy Light designers.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock