'Alien: Isolation' DLC Will Be Available Post-Release; No-Kill Option Revealed

SEGA announces details about "The Crew Expendable," DLC for the upcoming game, 'Alien: Isolation.'

Alien: Isolation's DLC, "The Crew Expendable," was initially announced as a pre-order exclusive along with another pack, "The Last Survivor." But in a recent statement posted on the game's official Facebook page, SEGA announced plans to make the downloadable content available after the title's release.

"Crew Expendable" reunites members of the original 1979 film and picks up after Brett's death. Ripley, Dallas and Parker will be playable characters, and just like in the movie, gamers will attempt to force the alien into the ship's airlock. In"Last Survivor," gamers will play Ripley in a replay of the film's finale, as she attempts to activate the ship's self-destruct sequence and make it to the Narcissus shuttle to escape.

Though they are clearly inspired by the film's events, the missions won't unfold exactly like they did on the big screen. "There's no point in us trying to match beat-for-beat what occurs in the film. The film is much better at doing that than a game," said creative director Alistair Hope to IGN.

In other news, lead designer Gary Napper recently revealed that players can make it through the entire game without a single kill. "It's something that was, not so much a challenge, but something I felt was what the character would do," Napper told GamesTM. "We're talking about a member of the Ripley family—they're not like characters in games who gun down civilians because they're in the way to get to the switch."

Alien: Isolation will hit shelves on Oct. 7 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The action takes place 15 years after the film's events and follows Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda in her search for answers about her mother's disappearance.

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