Another Golf Analyst Thinks Rory McIlroy's Weightlifting is Ruining His Game

A former pro golfer thinks Rory's love of weightlifting is hurting him on the golf course.

Rory McIlroy is currently tied for 18th at this year's British Open as he struggles through day three of the tournament. McIlroy hasn't won a major in two years, and he's coming off one of his worst showings, missing the cut at the U.S. Open last month. Former pro golfer turned commentator Johnny Miller has some thoughts on the Irishman's recent hardships, and they all have to do with McIlroy's love of the gym.

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One quick stop at McIlroy's Instagram page reveals that he's probably one of the most fitness-forward golfers in the game, second only to Tiger Woods when the former no. 1 golfer in the world was in his prime. From Push-Ups to Weighted Lunges to Bent Over Rows, McIlroy appears to love the gym almost as much as he loves the links. Miller think that's a major problem.

"He might be in the gym more than he should," Miller said as McIlroy prepared to tee off on Saturday. "I really believe that. I believe that if he wasn't so much that way he would have done better the last couple years."

There's no denying that McIlroy spends a fair amount of time in the weight room, but whether lifting has hindered his game, or just cut onto the time he has to practice, is anyone's guess. He's been criticized about his workout habits before. Back in February, Brandel Chambee said he was wary of McIlroy's "extensive weightlifting."McIlroy responded in kind with a video of him squatting 265 pounds. It will be curious to see whether McIlroy chooses to respond to Miller's comments, but one thing's for certain: McIlroy won't be giving up getting after it in the gym anytime soon.

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