How to Dress Up as a Famous Sports Figure for Halloween

STACK breaks down ten of the best athlete costumes for this Halloween. Dress up like Ricky Vaughn, build a Lance Armstrong costume and more.

With Halloween around the corner, it's time to start scrambling for your costume. You can always dress up as a dime-a-dozen vampire or zombie, but we're offering some ideas that lean toward the unconventional. Here's a guide for the "costume clueless" on how to dress up as a famous and distinctive looking sports figure for Halloween (Guys' Edition).

1. Brian Wilson

Injuries have limited San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson's playing time this season. But outstanding career performances have made him one of baseball's best closers. Despite his killer pitching repertoire, Wilson may be more recognized for his iconic facial hair. That said, you can honor Wilson's 2010 World Series victory by dressing up as the man endearingly referred to as "The Beard."

Brian Wilson Costume Components

  • San Francisco Giants uniform shirt and cap
  • Fake bushy, black beard
  • T-shirt cut-off at the neck

Brian Wilson

(Photo via Sports Illustrated)

2. Anthony Davis

Although he hasn't yet stepped foot on an NBA basketball court, Anthony Davis, the number one overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, has already established his own brand. Known for his monster unibrow as well as the skills he displayed at UK, Davis has even joked about trademarking his famous unibrow. He was joking, right?

Anthony Davis Costume Components

  • Kentucky Wildcats basketball uniform
  • One very prominent unibrow

Anthony Davis

(Photo via Webpronews)

3. Lance Armstrong

Speaking of brands, that of the seven-time Tour de France winner has been forever tarnished by the doping scandal. Nevertheless, lives on, and the color yellow is still emblematic of the Armstrong brand. So with a few yellow accessories and some ultra tight cycling shorts, you can create your own Lance Armstrong costume for a night. Running with a pack on Halloween? Get your friends to dress up as Lance's teammates and make sure they're willing to point fingers at you all night.

Lance Armstrong Costume Components

  • Yellow cycling jersey
  • Tight yellow or black spandex shorts
  • Bike helmet and gloves
  • Sleek sunglasses
  • Livestrong bracelets—lots of them

Lance Armstrong Costume

(Photo via Totalposter)

4. Mike Ditka

As a tight end for the Chicago Bears, Ditka had a stellar career, winning the NFL Championship in 1963. But "the Hammer" is better known today as the tough-guy ex-head coach of da Bears and as an NFL Live commentator on NBC. Since he's been satirized on SNL, Ditka can be instantly recognized. Wear Ditka's distinguishing duds, and you'll be unmistakable.

Mike Ditka Costume Components

  • Collared shirt and tie, worn under...
  • Mid-80s Chicago Bears team sweater
  • Manicured mustache
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Slicked-back hair
  • Intimidating scowl (optional)

Mike Ditka

(Photo via Jeffpearlman)

5. Andre Agassi

Can you pretend to be an eight-time tennis Grand Slam champion? Dress up for Halloween as tennis star Andre Agassi—circa 1990. You could be a bald, drug-free, newer version of Agassi, but that's not a lot of fun. Instead, show up as Andre in his prime, wearing an 80s headband and a garish tennis jacket.

Andre Agassi Costume Components

  • Long glorious hair and/or mullet
  • Headband
  • Colorful 90s tennis jacket
  • An "I'm here to shake up the stuffy sport of tennis" five o'clock shadow
  • Nike tennis shoes of course

Andre Agassi

(Photo via All About Tennis)

6. Troy Polamalu

Even from the nosebleed section during a snowstorm, you can always tell where Troy Polamalu is on the field. He's got that look. In addition to his ferociously aggressive playing style, "The Tasmanian Devil" has a prodigious mane of black hair spilling out of the back of his helmet and covering the name on his jersey.

Troy Polamalu Costume Components

  • Pittsburgh Steelers uniform or jersey, number 43
  • Frizzy mane of long, black hair
  • A big smile

Troy Polamalu

(Photo via Sports Illustrated)

7. Ricky Vaughn

The only fictional athlete on our list, from the 1989 film, Major League, "Wild Thing" is one of the most easily recognized characters in sports cinema.

Ricky Vaughn Costume Components

  • Navy blue turtleneck, worn under...
  • Cleveland Indians uniform
  • Chief Wahoo Indians cap
  • Thick-rimmed, black "poindexter" glasses

Ricky Vaughn

(Photo via Up North Trips)

8. Dennis Rodman

One of the most against-the-grain athletes ever to grace a basketball court, "The Worm" was famous for his rabid rebounding, crazy on-court antics and outrageous body art. Later, he made cross-dressing an art form. Rodman always had something shocking to show off, so your options are extensive.

Dennis Rodman Costume Components

  • Chicago Bulls jersey, number 91
  • Afro wig in a brilliant color
  • Large hoop rings in your nose, ears and lips
  • Tattoos on every available surface, except your face

Dennis Rodman

(Photo via

9. Bill Belichick

Although many people might not know you by name, they will certainly know who you are when you show up as the New England Patriots' head coach. Most coaches look presentable on the sidelines, many wearing team jackets, but Belichick looks kind of like a homeless man who found a headset. Gotta respect him for his individuality!

Bill Belichick Costume Components

  • Middle-age comb-over
  • Hooded Patriots sweatshirt with sleeves cut off
  • Motorola headset
  • Bags under your eyes

Bill Belichick

(Photo via Rumors and Rants)

10. Ryan Lochte

In the wake of the 2012 London Olympics, what better sports figure to dress as than the camera-friendly Ryan Lochte? Known for his inspired swimming and less-than-impressive interview skills, Lochte won a total of 5 medals in London (2 gold). With the following costume components, you will look like Lochte at your Halloween bash.

Ryan Lochte Costume Components

  • Swimmer's warm-up jacket
  • Black shower cap and goggles
  • Team USA Speedo
  • Gold medals!
  • Shiny American flag grill

Ryan Lochte

(Photo via Zap2it)

We hope you've found inspiration in this guide to dressing up as a distinctive looking sports figure for Halloween. If you're still clueless about your costume, that's your problem. We've done our part to save Halloween.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock