Attention High School Football Recruits: Colleges Are Definitely Monitoring Your Tweets!

SMU offers a cautionary tale for high school student-athletes who post questionable content to social media.

Social media can seem like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for high-profile high school athletes. It's a fantastic way to connect with fans and coaches and to show a bit of your personality. But because of the heightened attention paid to your every move, any missteps (or perceived missteps) on social media can be a strike against you in the recruiting game. And if you don't think college coaches are monitoring the social accounts of potential recruits, this picture from Southern Methodist University should strike some fear in you.

Look how in-depth this thing is! SMU not only has your Twitter handle and photo on record, they also highlight your most recent activity, both bad and good, up to the minute.

This particular recruit appears to have a decent track record, aside from having retweeted "inappropriate vidoes or language"—but even that was noticed, leading to a "no misconduct besides the retweets" bullet point at the bottom.

Let this serve as a warning to all you high school athletes. Even the slightest mistake you make on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platform is marked and noted by your potential college coaches. Stay woke.



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock