Basketball Players: Master These 3 Killer Dribbling Moves

Master these three dribbling moves to give yourself an advantage on the basketball court.

The primary purpose of dribbling is to put yourself in a position to make a play on the court, whether it's a pass, a shot or an attack on the basket. With a few variations in your back pocket, you'll have a nice array of basic ball-handling skills to get a leg up on your competition.

Here are three dribbling moves to get you started, which are shown in the video above.

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Hestitation Move

The hesistation dribble is a downhill dribble primarily used when you are attacking. The move is designed to mess up a defender's timing and put him on his heels so you can drive past him to the hoop.

Retreat Move

This dribble move is used to create space and gain an advantage. Keep your eyes up and use an arm bar to protect the ball while you retreat.

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Crossover Move

This is best used to keep your defender guessing. Push off of your plant foot as you attack and try to force the defender to open up.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock