Big Screen Bad Guys That Get You Fired Up

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Of course you hate 'em, but there's nothing like the perfect villain to get you fired up. Here are a few of the best big screen bad guys.

Shooter McGavin
[Christopher McDonald]
Happy Gilmore

One of the all-time biggest dirtbags in golf comedy history. (For the record, this category has three movies—Gilmore, Caddyshack and Caddyshack 2.) Not only does Shooter ridicule poor Happy when he joins the tour, but he repeatedly hits on Happy's would-be girlfriend. Then, he goes and shows up in Happy's sacred "Happy Place," sporting a Kiss mask and making out with Grandma. It all ends okay, though, when Shooter loses his game and the girl—and then gets chased by an angry mob.

Agamemnon [Brian Cox]

First off, the guy who plays Agamemnon is in every movie ever made. Seriously. Go to Blockbuster, rent the first movie you see, and you'll find Agamemnon in the background eating a slice of pizza. In Troy, though, he doesn't play the jolly Irish cop he does in Super Troopers. He's merciless, arrogant, manipulative and bent on world domination. I mean, he uses his sister's adulterous affair to start "the greatest war the world has ever seen." His actions lead to the destruction of Troy—the world's greatest city—Achilles and Hector—the world's greatest warriors—and his very own bro.

Zach [Bradley Cooper]
Wedding Crashers

You know a guy sucks when it doesn't even bother you that he gets blindsided with a Vince Vaughn crow-hopped, cheap shot to the grill. From start to finish, Zachary "Sack" Lodge does everything possible to make you want to kill him. He tells stupid stories about saving sea otters, plays dirty in touch football, cheats on his amazingly hot girlfriend and, to top it off, he goes all Dick Cheney on Vaughn, firing a round of bird shot at him while quail hunting. When he spends a night puking and loses his fiancée to Owen Wilson, you actually cheer.

Birdie [Tupac Shakur]
Above the Rim

5'7", 165? I don't know Tupac's exact size, but I bet I had at least five inches and 50 pounds on him. Yet, somehow, no one has ever intimidated me like Tupac. He was not screwing around. Ever. In the climactic basketball game in Above the Rim, Tupac roams the sidelines with a cigar in his mouth, talking trash and inciting his players to play dirty. Even though the game ends in a shooting, I'm pretty sure Tupac survived the bullet he took to the chest. One random note: the lanky white boy in the final game is the most unrealistic basketball player in cinema history. He had no business on that court. He sucked.

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