Boban Marjanovic Is the Tallest Human on Earth

Just ask Anthony Davis.

You're probably aware by now that Los Angeles Clippers center Boban Marjanovic is tall. At 7-foot-3, the Serbian big man looms over everyone on the basketball court, making some of his fellow 7-footers look like what cars do out of an airplane window.

To truly understand the full breadth of Marjanovic's height, taking into account his pterodactyl-like wingspan, his run in with Anthony Davis last night illustrates it perfectly. While Marjanovic was being guarded in the post by Davis, a foul was called. Davis kept swiping at the basketball after the whistle, so Marjanovic held the ball above his head, in the same way a dog owner might hold a treat away from his or her pet.

That play led to this picture, where Davis, who stands 7-feet tall himself, looks like a child. It is as surreal an undoctored photo as you'll ever see.

Boban Marjanovic: a real life giant.