Boris Diaw Has His Utah Jazz Teammates Obsessed With Coffee

Espressos for everyone, courtesy of Boris Diaw.

Boris Diaw loves coffee. When he discovered an electrical outlet near his locker in San Antonio, he installed an espresso machine. He brings another espresso machine with him on road trips. After extensive research, he knows the best coffee shops around the country within walking distance of the team hotels, so that when he needs his fix, caffeination is only a 5-minute stroll away. Having landed with the Utah Jazz in free agency, Diaw has now brought his love of Joe to a once coffee-desolate location: Salt Lake City.

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Diaw, who formed a coffee club during his time in San Antonio, has done the same in Utah. He's already identified a favorite local coffee shop where he can take his teammates, a place called Publik, which was introduced to him by Jazz forward Joe Ingles when Diaw was in town last season. Utah's general manager is already on board.

His influence is being felt around the team, too. General Manager Dennis Lindsey was a drip-coffee drinker before this season. But under Diaw's influence, he's already drinking several espressos per week. Ingles himself is the proud new owner of a Nespresso machine, courtesy of Diaw.

Diaw does have work to do to change the mind of teammates like fellow Frenchman Rudy Gobert, who says coffee gives him too much energy and makes him "crazy." But last week he successfully recruited point guard George Hill into his coffee club, so he's making progress. Soon, the entire Jazz team might be sipping espressos during shootarounds, with Diaw churning them out over in the corner.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock