The Saddest CrossFit Fail Ever

This CrossFit fail will be the saddest 27 seconds of your day.

To show you what not to do, each week STACK brings you a moment from the weight room or sports field gone horribly wrong.

We've seen plenty of Box Jump fails in our time. Frankly, we were convinced that once you've seen one guy fall onto a 30-inch box, you've seen them all.

We were wrong.

Watch this CrossFit Box Jump fail. It is possibly the saddest 27 seconds ever captured on film.

The thing that elevates this video, of course, is the music. What kind of CrossFit box plays sad breakup songs over their sound system?! Is this some weird CrossFit thing we haven't heard about yet? Does grief help with the kipping?

Here's our theory: Balding Box Jump Guy just went through a serious breakup. His trainer feels sorry for him and agrees to let him to control the day's playlist (the trainer, of course, instantly regrets this choice when the first song starts playing).

After 20 minutes of depressing music, the whole box has cleared out except for our grieving hero and the woman he's had his eye on for the past three months. Maybe, just maybe, he can turn his life around by catching her attention with an impressive 30-inch box jump. He's never jumped that high before, but these are desperate times. He begins with the song.

"Same bed, but it feels just a little big bigger now…"

He sniffles a little bit. A tear forms in his eye. He takes a deep breath and…

"…Our song on the radio, but it…" 


The physical pain, though excruciating, is strangely comforting because it allows him to focus on something besides the emotional hurt. While he's lying in a ball, his only hope for a future checks on him, suppresses a laugh, then walks away forever. Bruno Mars starts the second verse.

"My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways
Caused a good, strong woman like you to walk out my life."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock