Brandin Cooks' 98-Yard TD Proves He Might Just Be the Fastest Human Being on Earth

No D-back will be catching this guy in the open field any time soon.

If you squint hard enough watching this clip of New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks breaking the sound barrier as he leaves two Oakland Raiders cornerbacks breathing in his exhaust fumes, you can almost see him in his Oregon State track & field gear instead of a Saints uniform. Cooks, who was a standout sprinter at Oregon State (and at Lincoln High School, in Stockton, California), showed off the stride and speed that make him such a potent runner when he took a 20-yard pass from Drew Brees and turned it into a 98-yard touchdown.

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By the time Cooks reaches the end zone, the two Raiders D-backs chasing him are no longer even in the frame. Once Cooks hits the 50-yard line, he shifts into another gear, and a gap that was just a few yards between himself and the DBs turns into a 10-yard cushion in a matter of seconds.

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That Cooks possesses elite speed isn't exactly news. I mean, he reached the California regional track & field finals when he was only 9 years old. Still, it's beautiful to watch. Brees gave Cooks the opportunity to run like the wind when he dropped that pass right into Cooks' hands in stride.

Cooks spent the 2015 off-season working out with Brees and doing things like running 15 miles per hour on a treadmill for 15 seconds at maximum incline, working hard to be as quick as The Flash. Expect more highlights like this one all season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock