Build Muscle and Burn Fat With At-Home Circuit Workout

You don't need to go to the gym to knock out this quick bodyweight workout.

So you took some time off to let your body heal and catch up? Maybe your season ended or maybe you just needed some time away from the gym to reset your central nervous system. You've rested and chilled out, and now you want to get back in shape fast.

What's the solution?

It's not jumping right into weightlifting and going for PRs. Your first steps should be to get your lungs back and move your body in the manner in which you want to use it. Stretch the tendons and ligaments, get your heart beating, break a sweat and start to build up your cardiovascular system with this athletic-based workout.

You can do these five moves practically anywhere, and they don't take long to do. It's a perfect workout to help you get back in shape.

It could be a hotel, garage, park or even your living room. You don't need to go to the gym to knock out this bodyweight workout.

How to Do It

Perform each move at an "all-out" pace for a short amount of time.

Round 1 = 45 seconds of each move, no rest between them

Rest 1 minute

Round 2 = 30 seconds of each move,  no rest between them

Rest 1 minute

Round 3 = 20 seconds of each move, no rest between them

Boom! That's it. As you can see, this is a short workout so you'd better bust your butt in the time you have to do each exercise. Don't pace yourself!

The Moves

Single-Leg High Knees

Your quads will be on fire right from the get-go with this move. I put it first because with each kick you will stretch your hamstrings and move your entire body, which gets the fire cooking!

Band Box Push-Ups

Way harder than it looks. Keep your core tight and your arms straight. Your shoulders will be on fire the entire time; and combining the move with a Push-Up is guaranteed to give your chest the work it needs. Your pecs will be popping out of your shirt after 45 seconds with this move.

5 Reverse Crunch to 5 Straight-Leg Sit-Ups

If your shoulders are not burning yet, well they will start now. Keep your arms straight and lock in your core as you hold the plate. With control, bring your knees to waist height, then straighten them back out without letting them touch the ground. After 5 reps, go right into Straight-Leg Sit-Ups for 5 and really extend your spine at the top of the movement.

Scissor Kicks

Time to let the shoulders rest and let your abs start to get the pump. Lie back with your arms extended and think about using your six-pack muscles each time you bring your leg up to hip height.

Hand Walk-Ups

Finish with another core movement similar to Band Box Push-Ups. It looks easy but your shoulders will already be taxed and you will really have to focus on locking in your core as you bring your hands up.

Each of these moves can help you burn fat and build muscle. I don't care if you're an athlete or a weekend warrior, this athletic-based workout will help you get back in shape and start to bring home some hardware.

Share this with your friends and keep it in your back pocket for the next time you are stumped on what workout to do.

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