Build Strong and Powerful Shoulders With the Rack Shoulder Press

STACK Expert Roget Lockridge prescribes an exercise to develop your shoulders and increase your explosive power for the gym and the sport you play.

Shoulder Presses are a staple in most training routines, regardless of what sport you play or what iron discipline you follow. Whereas most people look for easier ways to perform tasks, athletes need to challenge themselves to improve.

This is where the Rack Shoulder Press comes into play. This movement will help you develop your shoulders and increase explosive power that can translate to other lifts like the Bench Press—and to the sport you play. The move will really help football players who man the offensive or defensive lines.

Set the pins in a squat rack below shoulder height for your position (seated or standing). Place the bar on the pins and add the weight you want to use. Don't go heavy until you feel comfortable with the exercise.

Hold the bar with an overhand grip, wider than shoulder-width. Your feet should be flat and firmly on the floor. Sit upright as much as you can. Using as much force as you can generate, press the weight up and over your head. Don't lock out your elbows. This would place stress on your elbow joints. Slowly lower the weight back to the rack and stop.

Do not touch the pins and immediately press up again. This defeats the purpose of the movement. The goal is to generate force, not momentum. Stopping the weight before pressing again makes the movement harder but allows you to maximize force and increase strength. Once the weight is fully stopped, press it up again.

Start with this exercise by performing three sets of 8-10 reps with lighter weight than you would normally use to do shoulder presses. Once you feel comfortable with the exercise, start to add weight.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock