Cam Newton Had More Fun Than Anyone at Super Bowl Media Day

Cam Newton has no time for negativity. At Super Bowl Media Day, he kept on doing his thing and having fun.

Cam Newton Had More Fun Than Anyone at Super Bowl Media Day

No one is having as much fun as Cam Newton. That's been the case throughout the 2015 NFL season, in which the Atlanta native passed, ran and dabbed his way to the Super Bowl. He'll probably collect the league MVP trophy to boot. Despite all the outside noise, the nasty letters to the editor and the internet headlines, the Carolina Panthers quarterback hasn't stopped doing what makes him happy.

At no time was that more apparent than during Super Bowl Media Day, dubbed "Opening Night" this year by the NFL. There, Newton spent the evening giving colorful answers to a a flurry of questions asked by hundreds of reporters, most boiling down to variations of "Cam, how does it feel to be at the Super Bowl?"

First, Newton broke into song when someone brought up Calvin Harris, the DJ and producer who created such tasty hits as "Sweet Nothing" and "Feel So Close," the latter of which Newton belted out in surprisingly on-key fashion.

He was also inquisitive, firing back at a reporter who told him he was the "LeBron James of quarterbacks," asking him why LeBron James couldn't be referred to as the Cam Newton of power forwards. Touché!

Finally, he was creative, engaging a reporter in a rap battle that the reporter had no chance of winning. With a Super Bowl towel wrapped around his head and a mic in his hand, Newton dropped this gem: "I'm straight out of College Park by way of Atlanta/You see the towel on my head, some people call it a bandana."

Shades of B Rabbit rapping in The Shelter in 8 Mile. 

More reminders that while the haters stew in their negativity, Cam Newton doesn't have a care in the world.

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