WATCH: Cam Newton Takes His Ice Cream Ordering Very Seriously

Check out the level of detail Cam Newton gives his ice cream order at Cold Stone Creamery. Don't mess with his marshmallows!

Cam Newton is known for his ability to hammer defenses with hard running and precise passes down the field. His performance is fueled by his relentless off-season preparation and disciplined approach to eating. He avoids fried foods, processed sugar, alcohol and anything else that could hinder his training and performance.

This focus and attention to detail in his preparation are propelling Newton to a likely NFL MVP Award this season, and they have powered the Carolina Panthers to a 14-0 record thus far.

Through the video above, we learn that when Newton indulges in a cheat meal, he takes it just as seriously as everything else. Do not get in this man's way when he sets foot in Cold Stone Creamery.

Guys, can you give our man some marshmallows?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock