Carli Lloyd Shares Her Thoughts on Why Sports Matter

The star of the 2016 Women's World Cup credits sports with motivating her to compete in the classroom as well as on the pitch.

Lloyd, who started playing soccer at age 5, found sports a great motivator and a great teacher. She credits athletics with teaching her about hard work and discipline. Ultimately, those lessons carried over to her academic performance.

"I was competitive because I wanted to get good grades, and I didn't want to upset my parents," Lloyd says. "With soccer, I'm competitive as well, so I learned how to balance the two lives together. I would come home from school, get my homework done, and go on to soccer practice."

Lloyd offers more insight about herself, her experiences as an athlete, and why youth sports remain so important to her in the full "453 and a Half" blog. Check out the post "Inspiration off the Field: Carli Lloyd Shares Her Thoughts on Why Sports Matter." It's definitely worth a read.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock