The Caveman Workout

Forget all the new-fangled workout gear. Get primitive and get strong with a Caveman Workout prescribed by STACK Expert Scott Abramouski.

Caveman Workout

You can stuff a basement with all the bands, cables, machines, balls and other cool training equipment, but why waste all that precious space when you can be minimal and train the way the human body was designed to work? The Caveman Workout is based on primal movements our bodies were made to perform to survive in the wild.

Here are five basic Caveman Workout exercises you can do in the gym or at home with simplicity.

Caveman Workout

1. Climb Like a Caveman: Pull-Ups

Pull yourself up so your chin extends over the surface of the bar. Engage your back and biceps and lower yourself slowly without rocking.

Sets/Reps: 3x10

2. Strike Like a Caveman: Sledgehammer

Look through the garage for an dusty old sledgehammer. Slam it on an old tire for some decent reps.

Angle yourself with one side facing the tire and your leg on the opposite side extended behind you. If you are swinging with your right side, your left foot is forward. Using your whole body, strike down on the tire.

Sets/Reps: 3x15 each side

3. Throw Like a Caveman: Ball Slams

These alone can make a brutally intense workout. Use them for power, for strength or as a conditioning tool. An inexpensive slam ball is well worth the investment. The whole body movement and force applied are unmatched.

Squat and grab the ball off the ground then raise it over your head while keeping it close to your body.

Slam the ball down as hard as you can—true cavemen were not subtle.

Sets/Reps: 3x15

4. Carry Like a Caveman: Weighted Carries

Weighted carries, such as the suitcase carry, are creating a huge buzz in the fitness world. They put your grip strength, posture and core to the test.

Grab either a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell. With your chest up and shoulders back, walk in a straight line with the weight at your side. Try not to overlap your feet.

Sets/Distance: 3x50 feet each side

5. Crawl Like a Caveman: Bear crawls

We do it in our first few years on Earth. Then we become terrified of the ground. Groundwork is super-beneficial to your body and brain.

Supporting yourself on your hands and feet, crawl at a speed that allows you to maintain form. Add dumbbells for an added strength component.

Sets/Distance: 3x30 feet

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