Chiefs Running Back Jamaal Charles Shows Off His ACL Recovery With Impressive Ladder Work

Jamaal Charles has been working hard this off-season to regain his blazing speed.

Jamaal Charles

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles has elite NFL quickness. But the four-time Pro Bowler wasn't able to use his speed much last year, because he tore his ACL five games into the season. With hard work and rehab over the off-season, Charles is looking speedy once again.

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Charles recently went to Twitter to prove that his knee is doing much better. He posted a video of himself doing a Two Feet In, Two Feet Out Ladder Drill, and his feet look blazing fast. Performing the drill is one way Charles became one of the quickest backs in the league.

If that's too quick, he also posted it in slow motion so you can actually see his feet instead of just a blur.


Charles also posted a picture showing himself performing Resisted Band Drills. This works his lower body so he's able to dust defenders on a weekly basis.

Charles is doing more than working out to heal his knee. He's also doing sessions in a  cryotherapy chamber. Whole body cryotherapy reduces swelling and inflammation by stimulating the body's response to cold. Cryotherapy uses cryogenic nitrogen vapor to quickly lower the body's temperature. Sessions last under three minutes due to the extreme temperature.

Charles is taking the right steps to get back on the field for the regular season. Hopefully, he is back to normal and will stay healthy for a complete season. He is by far one of the most exciting backs in the NFL to watch.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock