Childish Gambino Announces New LP, 'Because the Internet'

Childish Gambino's second album, 'Because the Internet,' will be released by yearend. Watch the video for his latest single, 'Yaphet Kotto,' on STACK Gamer.

Childish Gambino

Late last week, Childish Gambino debuted a new track and announced a new album, Because the Internet. A follow-up to 2011's Camp, the album will be released before end of the year.

"Young, black and gifted but he's still in America / Heard the flow is getting better is he sleeping with Erykah? / They passing me their demos, these rappers I think it's funny / cuz they trying to get my demo, young white kids with money," raps Childish Gambino on his latest single, "Yaphet Kotto." The rapper, also known as actor/comedian Donald Glover, does sound better. The song features his signature fast delivery over a soul-infused instrumental complete with guitar riffs.

The improvement may be result of his determination, which he announced earlier this year, to spend less time on his acting and stand-up routine and more time on his rap career. He even cut a deal with Sony Pictures so that his character Troy Barnes would appear in only five episodes of Community next season. But he won't stay away from the television screen for long. He is slated to star in a new musical comedy on FX, which he will write and executive produce.

It's unclear if "Centipede," a song he released earlier this year, will be included on the project's final track list. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the video for "Yaphet Kotto." In the clip, the song plays in the background while Glover is shown fully immersed in a swimming pool.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock