Chipotle Will Temporarily Shut Down so Company Execs Can Discuss Food Safety With Employees

If you were thinking about grabbing a Chipotle meal on Feb. 8, you may want to make other plans.


The past few months have been a rough time for the Chipotle restaurant chain. Several cases of E. coli were traced to Chipotle burritos, forcing the closing of 40 stores in Oregon and Washington. The company was sued in two other states for allegedly serving food that caused outbreaks of salmonella and norovirus. And their restaurants, which were once the go-to grub spots for the entire country, lost most of their appeal to consumers.

The following announcement probably won't improve Chipotle's tarnished image. The company will close the doors to every one of its U.S. stores for a few hours on Feb. 8 so that its executives can speak to staff members about the health concerns involving Chipotle food.

"We want to thank our teams for all of their hard work, to discuss some of the changes we are making to enhance food safety, to talk about the restaurant's role in all of that and to answer questions from employees," Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold told The Oregonian.

So if you were thinking about grabbing a Chipotle meal on Feb. 8, either because you have an iron stomach and are immune to fear or you're hopelessly addicted to guacamole, you may want to make other plans.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock