Chris Bosh Has Officially Returned to the Basketball Court

Chris Bosh has been out with medical issues since the All-Star break in February.

The past two seasons of Chris Bosh's professional basketball career have been fraught with frustrations, and, at times, life-threatening concerns. The Miami Heat star has been relegated to both the hospital and the sideline as he deals with recurring blood clots, which, in 2015, moved from his calf to his lungs, a potentially life-threatening situation. Thankfully, Bosh recovered, and he was back for opening night of the 2015-2016 season. But then, after the All-Star break, his blood clots returned and sidelined him again.

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Bosh remained a spectator as the Heat made it to the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs, and he has remained relatively quiet this off-season. Rumors have swirled that his failing health would force him to retire from the NBA, but in his only recent public appearance, on Bill Simmons' HBO show Any Given Wednesday, Bosh did not address his health.

Yesterday, via Snapchat, Bosh finally broke his silence on the future of his basketball career, and it appears bright.

"Everybody is always asking me am I hooping," Bosh says in the video. "Yes I'm hooping. Absolutely. I'm a hooper."

To prove his point, Bosh participated in an on-court workout that featured him going through various dribbling drills before pulling up for a mid-range jumper, his bread and butter, and launching a series of 3-pointers from around the arc.

Bosh will be entering year three of his five-year, $118 million deal with the Heat, which runs through 2019. There's no word yet on his status with the team,  but after going through what he has over the past two years, simply seeing him back on the basketball court is enough to make us feel optimistic again.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock